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Property & Liability Insurance for your Farm or Ranch

If you own a farm or ranch to raise, breed, show, race, train, board or sell horses, or just have a family pet in the backyard, you are eligible for farm and ranch insurance. Your investment in your home, individual belongings, barns, machinery, and equipment is substantial. Asset Equine can help you “INSURE” your investments from accidental loss or a potential liability suit from actions on and off your premises. 

With the proper limits and coverage’s your farm & ranch insurance provides security and protection for: Your home and personal property. It is recommended that certain items of value such as your jewelry, silver, and antiques be appraised and scheduled on the policy since all policies have restrictions on this type of item for theft. Loss of use on your home, additional dwelling, mobile homes, rental properties, barns, round pens, covered arenas, run-in sheds and other outbuildings can be insured for specific amounts. Farm personal property such as tractors, machinery, tools, equipment, and tack.

Liability for bodily injury and property damage on and off the premises as well as at shows.

Liability is a basic coverage under the package policy and will protect you if your own horse gets out. The coverage will extend to  boarded animals provided boarding is part of your operation and was included when you initially completed your application. Comprehensive Personal Liability is a part of the policy as well as Commercial General Liability, You are protected for your liability for whatever horse exposures you are involved in, provided the activity was noted on your application and/or the company is notified during the policy term.

**Substantially discounted automobile, trailer, and even your Big-Rig insurance can be added to your farm and ranch policy.

Care, Custody and Control coverage can be written as part of the farm package. This coverage provides protection against liability suits from your negligence resulting in death or injury to non-owned horses. Defense protection is provided, negligent or not. Limits vary from $5,000 to $250,000 per horse. Pricing depends upon the limit selected and the number of non-owned horses.Download Care Custody & Control Application       Download Equine Questionnaire      Download Coverage Highlights

Property insurance to cover your home and contents, barns, sheds, owned machinery, equipment, tack and livestock.
Liability insurance to cover your home and your horse operation, on and off premises, including such operations as: boarding, breeding, racing, training, horse shows, and riding instruction.  Personal liability  is available for owner occupied dwellings. Coverage for farm-related buildings such as barns, stables, hay sheds and arenas. Farm Personal Property coverage for farm machinery, tack, equipment, hay, and seed.  Replacement cost coverage available on buildings and household contents.  Choose from Basic, Broad, or Special coverage options for all property.  Various property deductibles are available. 

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