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Inland Marine Insurance for Property While in Transit

Inland marine insurance is an insurance instrument which is designed to protect property while in transit, along with high-value mobile items. Despite the rather unusual name, inland marine insurance is actually a very useful type of insurance, and it is commonly recommended to business owners, especially people who need to travel for work or people who work with high-value items. Many insurance companies offer this type of policy, and can discuss options with their clients. This type of insurance is typically purchased as a supplement to an existing insurance policy.

Most floater policies share the following characteristics:

The coverage can be tailored in order to insure a specific type of property for the insured.
The insured can select the appropriate policy limit for the property.
Floaters are typically written on an all risk basis which means all direct physical losses to property are covered, except for specially excluded losses.
Most floaters cover the property anywhere in the world.

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