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Full Mortality -- This policy is essentially life insurance for your horse. It provides coverage in the event the insured horse dies from accident, injury, illness or disease, and also includes coverage for humane destruction (the horse is put down for humane reasons), as well as theft. The policy will by design cover the horse while it is in the continental United States and Canada. Coverage can extend to other countries as well, with prior notice and additional premium paid. Coverage is available for horses in good physical shape between the ages of 24 hours and 18 years. An eligible horse is also provided Emergency Colic Surgery coverage as part of the mortality policy, at no cost. The limit is 50% of the value of the horse, with a maximum of $5,000. While this would most likely only cover part of the costs associated with colic surgery, it is an important benefit. Please note: if your horse has a history of colic problems, either medical or surgical, this coverage will not apply. PLEASE NOTE: Equine valued at $50,000 and over, please see additional requirements of Veterinary Certification.Download Full Mortality Application
Horses valued at $100,000 and over, please see additional requirements of Veterinary Certification.Download Veterinary Certification
Horses valued below $100,000 please see additional requirements of Statement of Health. Download Statement of Health
Justification/Increase of Value – If the desired value of insurance is greater than the purchase price then a Justification of Value is required. In addition, if you wish to increase the value insured during the policy period then a Justification of Value is required as well.Download Justification of Value

Limited Mortality -- Another type of Assets mortality coverage that is available as an alternative to Full Mortality is called Limited Mortality. This policy covers if the horse dies as a result of a limited number of distinctively named causes that are spelled out in the policy, such as fire, lighting, flood, etc.Download Limited Mortality Application
Agreed Value -- Provides you with the assurance of knowing the amount you would collect in the event of a loss.
12 Month Extension-- In the event of an accident, sickness, or disease immediately reported during the policy period, insurance coverage is extended for up to 365 days after expiration and until such time as the accident, sickness, or disease is no longer life threatening. The average policy only offers a 30 or 90 day extension of coverage in the event of an accident, illness or disease.

Guaranteed Renewal-- Policies can automatically include guaranteed renewal of the mortality coverage should the horse become ill or injured during the policy period
Major Medical -- This coverage will help reimburse you for veterinary costs in the event your horse suffers an accident, injury, illness, or disease during the policy period. Coverage is available for horses between the ages of 24 hours and 14 years. Coverage limits of $7,000 through $15,000 are available, and premiums start at $200.00 dollars and increase accordingly. Some restrictions to limits may apply depending on the insured value of the animal. The Major Medical premium is fully earned, which means that if you cancel the policy mid-term, there is no refund on this premium. This coverage is only available in conjunction with Full Mortality.

Loss of Use -- In the event your horse is permanently unable to perform its insured use, this coverage will reimburse you for a portion of the horse's insured value. The range and availability of the coverage depends on the horse's age and discipline, and a full veterinary exam (similar to a pre-purchase exam) may be required. Please contact Asset for more details. PLEASE NOTE: Completed in addition to the Full Mortality Application.Download Loss Of Use Form
Stallion Permanent Disability Clause (Commonly referred to as Stallion ASD) - Infertility due to Accident, Sickness, Disease) -- Insures in the event the stallion becomes permanently and totally impotent, infertile or incapable of serving mares as a result of accident, injury, sickness or disease sustained during the period of insurance. If a claim is paid, underwriters can elect to take title to and possession of any interest in stallion.Download Owners AS&D      Download Veterinaries AS&D
Surgical Operation Extension Clause -- Underwriters agree not to charge additional premium on certain surgical operations performed by a qualified veterinarian. Examples are arthroscopic surgery, gelding an animal and the agent needs to be advised in advance of the operation.
Fall of Hammer Extension -- This endorsement extends the insured's insurance on horses sold at public auction until the sale contract is satisfied within the auctioneer's Condition of Sale for a specified period of time after the sale.
Prospective Foal Insurance / Unborn Foal Insurance -- This coverage is designed to protect from the loss of an unborn foal, insurance commencing no earlier than 42 days in foal. A satisfactory insurance exam on the mare, a satisfactory produce history, an ultrasound and manual examination of pregnancy performed no earlier than the policy inception date and ultrasound confirmation that the mare is not carrying twins is required. Normally, the coverage runs until 30 days after foaling when it would expire. The 90 day extension can be added to extend coverage beyond 30 days to 120 days, if the foal is reported to have a life threatening condition during the initial policy period.
Download Prospective Foal Insurance Application 
Barrenness Insurance -- This type of insurance provides coverage should a qualified mare not get in foal to a qualified stallion. This coverage works in conjunction with Prospective Foal Insurance
Download Barrenness Insurance Application 
Frozen Semen Insurance -- This coverage would protect the semen from loss at either the storage site or container flask. Ask for details.
Deductible Policy -- Many large schedules contain enough horses to qualify for a deductible program. Substantial premium savings may be possible, depending on the level of deductible (self insurance) the client is willing to accept and the premium rate can be set much lower than the full mortality rate. Once the deductible has been exhausted, any further claims are paid in full. Minimum deductible amounts are also determined by the total value and mix of the schedule. The deductible policy is rated by the composition of the schedule, the claims history and other important variables. These policies can also offer a renewal credit and substantial savings.
Air Transit Coverage -- Air travel includes the unfortunate possibility of animals becoming uneasy while in route. Air Transit coverage provides the insured with important protection in the event a horse is determined to be of danger to the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers or cargo and must be destroyed. Sometimes referred to as the berserk clause.
Download Transit Coverage Application
Worldwide Coverage -- For an additional premium this coverage extends the territory for which your horse is insured.