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Equine Insurance Services

Asset Equine Insurance has a variety of equine liability related coverage's and we are always open to inquiries about placing coverage for the unique and unusual.

Commercial Equine Liability -- In the event you board, breed, train, give riding instruction or carry out any kind of trade related to equine activity you need a Commercial Equine Liability policy. Commercial liability insurance pays the damages for liability imposed upon you or your business by the law. It also pays the cost of defending you when a claim is made against your policy. Commercial equine liability coverage is very important if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as boarding horses, riding instruction, horse training, breeding, horse sales, etc.
Download Commercial Equine Liability Application
Independent Horse Trainer Liability -- This coverage provides protection should you become legally obligated to pay for a third party losses due to bodily injury or property damage arising out of your equine operations.Download Independent Horse Trainer Liability Application
Care, Custody and Control -- This coverage provides protection against liability suits from your negligence resulting in death or injury to non-owned horses. Limits vary per horse. Pricing depends upon the limit selected and the number of non-owned horses. Consider this equine coverage if you board, train, or breed horses for others. Standard General Liability insurance excludes coverage for personal property (such as horses) in your Care, Custody, or Control.Download Care, Custody and Control Application
Individual Horse Owner Liability -- Provides protection for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties caused by your personal horses, whether on your property or elsewhere in the contiguous United States. Horse owners are faced with unique liability exposures that may not be adequately covered under normal personal liability policies such as a homeowner policy. Download Individual Horse Owner Liability Application
Horse Show Liability -- Provides protection for the Horse Show Organization, while acting in the scope of their duties.  This equine liability coverage is for people or organizations putting on a one-, two-, or three-day event such as a schooling horse show or rated horse show, team roping, parade, exhibition horse show, barrel race or rodeo (excluding rough-stock events) for profit.Download Horse Show Liability Application
Race Horse Owner’s Liability -- Liabilities associated with race horse ownership. Example: Your young colt jumps into the grandstand during his maiden race, injuring several spectators. Not typically covered: Injury/loss of the horse, liability associated with activities that are more than mere ownership. Example: While jumping into the grandstand, the colt you’ve been training breaks his leg, ending his racing career. Download Race Horse Owners Liability Application
Horse Club Liability -- Provides the protection for your club you may need for owned or leased premises, public event days, and various club functions.
Download Horse Club Liability Application
Therapeutic Riding Program -- Provides coverage for therapeutic riding clubs. Download Therapeutic Riding Program Application